How to Navigate: Snap Chat

By now you know what snap chat is. It started out as a way for some guy to get naked pics from other girls without his girlfriend finding out. It continues to be a naked pic machine, spitting out topless girls and bottomless guys like a factory. Snap Chat says they delete all the pictures off their servers, but I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT. Anyway, if you want to dominate snap chat, here are some quick tips.


You are good to go for mirror pics if you’re jacked, but send them to girls only.

Anything goes for snaps to other guys. They either won’t give a shit or think it’s funny no matter what.

Don’t use it as a chance to hit on girls. It’s also not a substitute for that “hey” text message at midnight AKA the booty call.

Girls: For God’s sake wear makeup! People are gonna judge you by these pictures.

If you are wearing makeup (or look good without it, you know who you are) a picture of just your face or upper body are awesome. We love to look at you. I’ve probably stalked your facebook pics by now anyway so a snap chat of your face will be something new and much appreciated.

Topless pics are awesome. They get deleted right off snap chats servers, so there’s no record of them anywhere after you send them (ignore what I said at the beginning). Also no one is able to screenshot snap chats so you’re safe there too…


If you’re gonna send a boring picture, it better have an interesting caption

No videos of just a 360 degree view of wherever you are with no words. Unless its somewhere breathtaking.

Final Thoughts:

With a picture, the caption is just as, if not more important that the actual picture. With the video, it’s content that matters, and make sure you’re not silent on it.

I didn’t mention the drawing feature, and I’d stay away from it if you’re an amateur. But if you’re artsy or have a lot of time on your hands, go ahead and use that feature though (shoutout to sprtsgamesjames). Also, set you picture timer to 5 seconds.

Snap chat is a fun app with no real motive (aka not really used to hook up). Have fun with it and get creative.

Any of your thoughts?


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